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What We Do

We bring clients to our business by bringing business to our clients through the power of Organic and Local SEO

Organic SEO

Our work aims to improve the placement of your website using proven optimization methods.

Local SEO

If you don’t have Google Business Listing do not worry. With our assistance, your business will find its place among the competitors.

Web Development

Don’t have a website, don’t worry! Browse our templates, choose the one that suits your business and forward it to us.

What Makes Us Special

We are a small team of people with a big dream. Our company name is From The Zero To The Top because we believe that with the skills, trust and will, we have are the key to reach “the Top”. With an ambition to reach different clients in many countries, we give our best to prove that we deserve your trust.

From The Zero is not just an SEO company, but an agency, that truly cares for its clients. Our mission is to bring value to our customers, so they can bring value to their customers as well.

We are dedicated to the idea of the “best possible service”, which concerns not just us providing this service to you, but also you providing it to your clients because if THEY are happy, YOU will be happy, which will make US happy.

Specializing in local SEO for small to medium businesses, since the start of our company in early 2016 we are continuously developing ourselves and the processes we work on in order to achieve the greatest results.

Furthermore, as we understand how important the outsourcing of any part of your business can be, we aim to work with our clients in a full-transparency-way, so that they can follow up their performance and results on a daily basis.

We provide quarterly goal-oriented solutions, based on your budget and requirements. Once achieved, we set new goals together.

But no matter the client’s size or budget, our aim for every single project remains the same – to deliver value that helps you grow your businesses.

How We Do It

Professional Team

Each member of our team is a great specialist in SEO, both local and organic. Together we make sure our clients achieve the best results possible.

Good History Impact

We’ve always believed that only Top-Quality Services can bring Top-quality results. That’s why we’ve set high standards not only for our services, but for the services of our clients as well. This way we produce ultimate customer satisfaction.

Attention to Details

Every business matters. As a leading SEO agency, a part of our philosophy is always to treat our clients the same way, no matter the size of their business.


With a total of more than 12 years of experience, we always insist on building true and transparent partnerships with our customers rather than just collecting a client database.

Easy Customization

As every business has its own features and special needs, we approach differently to every one of our clients, so they will get the most of our services.

Customer Support

We see ourselves not only as a Digital Agency, but as a reliable partner in any situation as well. When working with us, you can count on friendly and qualified customer support that cares about your business’ needs.

Client Say’s

We understand that every client has different needs and expectations. That’s why we are constantly focused on results and innovative approach to every business.

I was having troubles finding an SEO company that offers reliable services at a reasonable price at the same time. I work with From The Zero now, the team is always friendly and easy to work with.

Estate Agency Owner

Great professionals! We were a bit sceptic at first, but after about four months, we reached the six-month goal, which is more than satisfying. We are ready to set up a new SEO goal!


I’ve been managing our own website and SEO in-house for a couple of years. I don’t know why I agreed to talk to them, but am glad I did. I met with Luke and he walked me through a detailed analysis of our marketing strategy and website. His team is responsible for our SEO for about 4 months already, by that time, our calls and website visits increased by about 35%.

Auto Repair Garage

Our Skills

  • Organic SEO 94% 94%
  • Local SEO 92% 92%
  • Web Design 85% 85%
  • Social Media 80% 80%

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Creative and interactive Business Agency

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