Local SEO for Estate Agencies

What is Local Serch Engine Optimization?

Local SEO is a set of online tactics and strategies that help you promote your business locally online. If you’ve ever heard of Local SEO, you probably know the benefits that it might bring to your business in just a couple of months. By applying the right plan, you can not only increase the visibility of your company on а local level but drive more traffic (like calls and direct visits at your location), which equals to more potential customers.

Why is it so crucial for Estate Agencies?

Since nowadays Internet is the first place to check when looking for a company to rent-out or sell your property with, by having a good online presence, you will get the chance to be exposed to a bigger audience and to convert that audience into real customers. And it may sound unfair, but offering great service is just not enough anymore.

Why do we focus precisely on Local Estate Businesses?

In order to be able to bring the best results possible for our clients, we know that it is crucial to fully understand how their business works. That’s why we choose to specialize in a few niches, for which we believe local SEO might bring the greatest value. This way we can guarantee predictable results in the shortest possible time range.

Working with a number of estate agencies for more than 3 years already, we have run many experiments and based on the results we gathered a handful of working strategies in our pockets! Sounds interesting? It won’t take more than a couple of months to show you results from SEO! This is the reason why we offer a FREE Two Months Trial – NO-OBLIGATION what so ever! And you might get:


  • 20-30% Increase in Calls
  • 40-60% Increase in Website Visits
  • 15-25% Increase in Visits at your Branch

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