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Why do we need Local Optimization

What is Local SEO

Local SEO is a set of online tactics and strategies that help you promote your business locally online. If you’ve ever heard of Local SEO, you probably know the benefits that it might bring to your business in just a couple of months. By applying the right plan, you can not only increase the visibility of your company on а local level but drive more traffic (like calls and direct visits at your location), which equals to more potential customers.

Do you need Local SEO

Optimizing your website by location is a good strategy, especially if your business is localized in a particular location (like city, neighborhood, community). This way, the services and products you offer will be more easily discoverable by people living in the same or close location.

I am an Internet user from Birmingham and from my home computer or smartphone, I’m looking for an “Estate Agents” on Google. The algorithm will instantly link my device’s location to Local SEO optimized businesses in the area and put them in the top.

Thus, even a more optimized site of an Estate Agents in London will rank lower than a locally optimized site in Birmingham. And I can also look for an “Estate Agents Birmingham” directly.

About 45% of all searches online include local parameters (keywords like Birmingham, London, Liverpool, Leicester, etc.);

During a trip about 46% of the consumers find local services or products on their mobile devices (keywords like “closest gas station”, “bank”, “hotel”, etc.);

As Local Search increases, Local SEO is gaining more and more fame. Websites that have a good positioning in search engines for a local search get more visitors. Which inevitably leads to growth in sales.

Local SEO is also suitable for businesses that have offices across the United Kingdom and abroad. In this case, the information for each office will be optimized individually, based on the local search specifications. Examples of such websites and businesses are those of estate agents, rent a car, opticians, dentists, car service centres and more.

Stages of Local SEO

Based on the reports we create and the feedback we receive from our clients, we strongly stand behind the following: Local SEO increases significantly the potential of almost every locally run business. The cost of the service depends on what is the overall condition of your website, how many offices (branches) you run, whether there is an optimized mobile version and other additional factors. For more information, please contact us through the contact form.

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