Organic SEO
Why does your business need Organic Optimization

What is Organic SEO

Organic or Website SEO is a process of improvement to the code and content of a website for its better ranking on Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo and other search engines around the globe. This results in more traffic, more customers and more sales. It’s not enough just to have a website or a regular online presence. Your business needs to be fully optimized for the search engines.

Why Do you need SEO

SEO is not suitable for online businesses only. Offline businesses shouldn’t ignore SEO and digital marketing as it also drives offline sales and turns potential clients into payed.

The Organic Search Engine Optimization is a type of investment in your business or activity. Like if you have a physical store, it needs to be maintained, repaired and regularly serviced. You put money and effort into it in order to attract more customers and to increase your income equally. It is the same as running an SEO campaign for your business’ website with the only difference that a website may be more visited.

SEO is not a one-time process and can’t be done just for a day, week or a month. There are two main areas of work: On-Page and Off-Page SEO.

Organic SEO is suitable for businesses that operate on a national or international level (like service and/or product-oriented companies).

Stages of Organic SEO

When we take up a new project, we pay attention to every detail that affects the optimization of the entire website. We strive to prepare the business so that it is sufficiently competitive with those of your competitors. Having a decent content would be a key element that will define whether your website will be better than others or not.

SEO analysis and consultation

Fixing and clearing errors and "dead" pages


Content Writing

Keywords and phrases, H-titles, meta descriptions, anchor texts, dofollow and nofollow outbound links);

Website code and structure improvement


Redirect and/or Create to SEO friendly URLs

Link Building Creation

XML Sitemap and robots.txt file creation

Mobile site SEO (Responsive design)

Images optimization

Correct and targeted use of keywords and phrases, alt tags, meta tags, anchor texts.


Website or Organic SEO is a process that has no end. Today, even if you are ranking as number one, a competitive website might take your place tomorrow, being with better content than yours, more inbound links, more products, and so on. Have in mind that the first places are occupied only by those who are taking care of their online presence.

Organic SEO

If you don’t have Google Business Listing do not worry. With our assistance, your business will find its place among the competitors.

Web Development

Don’t have a website, don’t worry! Browse our templates, choose the one that suits your business and forward it to us.